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Ibizan Puppies

Contact us for information on litter plans for 2013.

Currently Available
Basic information

Fresca puppies 
Fresca Puppies: “Hey, we used to all fit in here!


Currently Available

Currently no puppies available. Contact Arbeca about litters planned for 2013.

Basic Information

Arbeca puppies are at minimum CERF (eyes) tested before leaving for their new homes. They are raised on a combination of home prepared whole foods or high quality, ethically produced prepared foods like Honest Kitchen, Champion Pet Foods, Origins and Acana. Honest Kitchen bridges the gap between raw, homemade and commercially prepared foods. If puppies will go on to homes planning to feed a high quality kibble we work with the prospective home to select an appropriate food and to have the puppy started on it prior to leaving here to ensure a smooth transition.

Tosca puppy

Like all Arbeca Ibizans, puppies have ample exposure to outdoor exercise on our five acre property. Puppies are born and raised in the house.

The “clicker approach” to training begins while they are still in the whelping box. Positive methods are used to teach beginning basic house manners concerning mouthing, jumping, etc. Close attention is paid in evaluation of temperament and drive attributes to ensure puppies are matched to homes compatible with their personalities and energy levels.

Tosca puppy

Those interested in lure coursing or other performance activities are especially encouraged to contact us.

I take pains to educate myself to the extent possible about health concerns in this breed and to choose and test breeding stock in a responsible way. The puppy contract contains a health guarantee.

Tosca puppies

To help you decide if an Ibizan Hound is the right match for your expectations and lifestyle and for information on health and care, contact me directly and request a “Prospective Home Interview”. Better yet, come and visit!

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