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Welcome to Arbeca Ibizan Hounds, located in rural Delaware. We are dedicated to preserving this ancient and unique hunting hound and respecting the function and culture that produced it. Equally, we strive for health and soundness. It is our goal that prospective homes will be proud and happy to have an Arbeca Ibizan Hound as a family member.

We are proud to say that every Arbeca puppy is registered with the American Kennel Club and that Arbeca has earned AKC recognition as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

The Ibizan Hound is known as the “Podenco Ibicenco” under the Federacion Cynologigue (FCI) and as the “ca eivissenc” in the Catalan language of Ibiza, where the breed originated and is mainly used for hunting rabbits.

Beginning in 1995 I have been learning about and living with both wire and smooth coated Ibizan Hounds. My Spanish imports from active hunting kennels have provided me with valuable insights into the conformation and temperament of actual working Ibizans. See “Our Ibizans ” for pedigrees and show and performance titles.


My hope is that what you find here about Arbeca Ibizan Hounds reflects the quality I am striving for in my breeding program and my love for and commitment to this breed.

Affiliations have included: Ibizan Hound Club of the United States (IHCUS) as Board Member and Treasurer; Mispillion KC (MKC) of Delaware; and Coursing Hounds of the Mid Potomac (CHAMP), U.S. Navy (retired); and the American Bar Association.

I welcome being visited or contacted about the breed in general or Arbeca Ibizans specifically. Please enjoy our web site!

Teddy (Theodora) Burke,
Arbeca Ibizan Hounds.
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Ibizan Hound Puppies  Arbeca Puppy
Above right: From 2011 litter "Arebeca's Al Mansor" at 8 weeks.